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 .Interview with N. Sherry  

 .What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

My greatest joy is when I recognize my characters as people until I reach that stage they are just a created name. This occurs when there is either a remark or an action that I personally would never do. However, my character carries it off to perfection.

I may also add that it is also at that stage they become either the goody or baddy, excuse the pun.What do your fans mean to you?My fans are my family whether they are a mile away or a thousand miles across the briny ocean. Without fans/readers, the joy of writing could lead to a lonely place. I would undoubtedly sit staring at my bookcase getting fuller with my unrequited love for books.

I do love writing and I am afraid that readers or no I just have to write.

So in answer to the question? my fans keep me sane and rescued from that empty space.What are you working on next?Next or As I refer to my babies I am nurturing four different genre’s, ‘Lazarus Larusso.’ book 2. is well and healthy he has a few unsolved murders in hand. Mochien McCarthy, from, ‘The Day For You. The Night For Me,’ is of course in his resting place ‘whee the four winds meet.I am writing a book on Celtic mythology the character is young Fionn, for my grandchildren, and my fourth book is on Spiritual work having been a practicing medium for decades.When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?I like to travel. I am planning to visit some beautiful places with wonderous stories attached to them very soon. I will publish some of the photos and short tales from my journey on my website.

I have traveled extensively through France mostly because I got lost. As I was the driver we just enjoyed wherever we found ourselves. Of course, there were some hair-raising moments, none more so than on one occasion we had to stay overnight in what I can only describe as a very haunted house.Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?The first story I recall was in my schooldays and it was more a composition, It was about my favorite season. I was in first class and the prize was a spelling book.(Lord could I use one sometimes now.) My favorite season remains the same the season of refreshing and renewal in all the plant life, which is Spring of course.What is your writing process?My writing process varies, depending on the activity of the characters and stories in my mind.Some nights I get up several times to make notes if I have a scene or saying that I truly don’t want to forget. However, I rise between five and six and write till about ten when I am ready to visit my family and breakfast.

A few more hours in the afternoon and I relax watching the news and telly in the evening with a pen and notebook beside me.What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?Unfortunately I am still working on that one and as of yet it is trial and error. still hoping.How do you approach cover design?My covers I must admit to date have with the exception of, Say A Little Prayer, have all been done by a friend. However, I am in the process of working on how to do my own covers and will be making changes. My travels are planned around places I want to photograph and use as covers, reflecting where the stories are based.What are your five favorite books, and why?Can one place their own book here I wonder? if that were possible The Day For You.The night For Me. Because it is a story from my childhood. yet nothing childhood or innocent about it.

1Describe your deskMY desk? cluttered with pages of notes, ideas I think of and must write to a folder, however, somehow they are still piling high.Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?I grew up in a wild and beautiful countryside, where my parents and grandmother lived quite close.I read and wrote from an early age with no distractions as we truly did live away from the maddening crowds.

I suppose my writing and storytelling stems from the fact that it was the evening entertainment for my father to either play us some music or tell us stories before tucking us into our bed.What motivated you to become an indie author?From being a listener to stories as a child and writing essays and winning competitions, it was a natural progression. firstly listener, then teller to my children and now I writeWho are your favorite authors?No one, in particular, I read a wide variety of ganrasHow do you discover the ebooks you read?I am an avid searcher of libraries and discussions with like-minded readers.Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?Well now the first story I recall reading was one my grandmother bought me and I read it over and over by torchlight under the cover in my bed after my bedtime.Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. it was so far from the world I lived in I did not understand it. but I loved it.What do you read for pleasure?I guess for pleasure is all kinds of reading from the heavy books of someone’s travels to a few pages of a short story.What is your e-reading device of choice?As I sit at my PC it is also where I read . however, I am a sucker for a good paperback/hardback.When did you first start writing?At about 4/5 yrs. as an adult about a decade ago.What’s the story behind your latest book?My second in the Lazarus Larusso series of detective stories. because he is so far removed from my comfort zone and it is not a tale easy told.What inspires you to get out of bed each day?My stories.

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