When Joe McCarthy
fell in love with Mischa, it was a coupling between a Druid and a fairy. In
order for them to marry a deal was done wherein the first-born   son would
be given to the fairies who set great store in the owning of a human child.

This deal would
remain for all future generations.    

 Joe honoured the deal. However when his second
son Tom was about to become a father he decided to make a secret deal of his
own with the devil.

A deal that Tom would
later renege on, leaving his son Mochien to reap the wrath of both the fairies
and the devil.

Mochien became aware of the dire predicament facing him when
he meets the fairy woman Fanny Mc Caffery.

By then
it was too late and the price to pay can have only one outcome.

journey leads us through, Intrigue, love, Hate, Heartbreak and a curse, ‘when
only the wind will whisper your name.’  


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